Ormac S.P.A.

Since its founding in 1951, ORMAC has played an important and pivotal role in the development of footwear machine technology, soon becoming a leading company in the mechanical-footwear industry.

ORMAC specializes in the construction of automatic machines for ASSEMBLY, RIBBING, CARDING andBONDING of footwear.

They are designed, developed and assembled entirely within the factory in Vigevano (Italy), which covers an area of approximately 14,000 square metres.

Our History

More than 70 years of experience in the service of footwear companies give ORMAC an image of absolute credibility, making it a real world reference point in its sector for the constant seriousness demonstrated as well as for the contents of the many proposals at the forefront of technology, all rigorously certified and proudly guaranteed 100% MADE IN ITALY.


ORMAC was founded back in 1951 by the Cucchetti family with the participation of the Torielli family, originally as a machine shop for the repair of the existing footwear machines, which at that time were mostly imported from abroad.

However, ORMAC soon moved on from simple repairs to the design and manufacture of new operating machines, mainly for the shoe assembly department.


In 1959, the considerable experience gained enabled the production of the model 73 seed-pressing machine, which has remained the only one made in Italy.


A year of historical turning point for the company. In fact, the original and exclusive heel seat lasting machine with variable pitch mod. 740, universally known as "CALZERINA", was produced. This extraordinary type of machine remained for a long time the most important innovation in those years of exceptional shoe-making boom. Above all, thanks to this realization, the production and the structure of the Company grew significantly and allowed ORMAC to position itself, in an increasingly capillary way, in all the main footwear areas worldwide, allowing the creation of an adequate distribution and after-sales service network.


In 1966 ORMAC introduced its first preassembly/assembly model 730.


In 1973, the growing production requirements of international customers motivated the company to develop the innovative 750 model single-shot hydraulic seed drill, which over time became a legend and a technical icon, boasting numerous unsuccessful attempts at imitation.

This excellent technology, in its various evolutions, is still in demand on the world markets and is still used in series production as proof of the extreme quality and reliability demonstrated over time.


At the beginning of the 80's ORMAC produced its first heel seat/shoulder seat and thermoplastic heel seat/shoulder fitting mod. ASHL-T which soon became one of the most admired technologies at international level. This realization subsequently became the basis for the development of all the versions of heel seat/lift and heel seat/lift fitting mod. 795, the widest and most prestigious range of technologies still produced today and recognized as the best performing in the footwear machinery sector worldwide.


The '90s definitively consecrated ORMAC as a leading company thanks to the introduction on the market of other advanced technologies for the lasting of footwear that are still successfully produced. Thanks to the high technical content, the simplicity and the versatility of use, these technologies are still abundantly, and rightly, rewarded by the consensus and the preferences of the most demanding international footwear customers.

In the same historical period, ORMAC also developed its own range of programmable computerised machines for the various processes of the bottom of lasted footwear (automatic riveting/carding and gluing machines) to complete the line of traditional lasting machines.


In the year 2002 ORMAC obtained from the International Board DNV the very important and coveted recognition of the quality certification of the production process "UNI EN ISO 9001/2015", still boasted as an accredited instrument of guarantee of total quality of our machines for the benefit of the esteemed customers all over the world.


Today's history sees ORMAC, still led and managed with rigorous commitment by the founding families together with their valiant collaborators, more and more committed to the research and development of innovative technological solutions both for the footwear industry and for its high quality craftsmanship.


Every day we put our 70 years of experience at the service of our customers.


The best form of propaganda and guarantee for our machines.


Our technicians receive constant and regular training to provide users with the best level of installation and after-sales service.

Energy consumption

The lowest in its class, achieved with the help of the latest generation of hydraulics and energy-saving electrical components.


Human and commercial relations with users and its own sales network based on the utmost seriousness and cordiality. Global management based on extreme clarity and transparency.


Constant sharing with our footwear customers of their most varied production requirements to the point of adapting our machinery to "customisation".


Entirely manufactured at our sole production site in Vigevano (PV). Our machines are therefore to be considered 100% Made in Italy.


Technological excellence at the top of its class.


The best way to make our presence felt in all international markets.


Total use of the best components and technical solutions.

Ease of use

It is our permanent, accredited construction philosophy. It is one of the fundamental requirements of all our machines that are confirmed by our customers.


Compliance with the strictest quality controls and standards established by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 production process certification. Our machines fully comply with the technical requirements of the new European Machinery Directive and the EC safety regulations.

Used value

Even after years of hard work, our machines have a strong appreciation on the second-hand market, which translates into higher residual values than the average of machines from other manufacturers, confirming the quality of our state-of-the-art technology.