Bottom machines

( S - SCRATCHER / R - RIBBING MACHINE / C - CARDING MACHINE ) Double sequential head



Data sheet

Double head with independent sequential machining

Multilingual colour touch screen with graphical work path display

Unlimited available programmes

5 fully programmable interpolated axes

Automatic shoe length and left/right recognition

Soundproofed hood for noise reduction and suction of processing residues

Roller embossing with floating rings

Steel wire brush carding

Programmable tool rotation speed

Programmable run speeds

Programmable tool inclinations and pressures

Ultra-quick tool change

Electronic monitoring of carding brush wear

Automatic peripheral speed adjustment and self-adaptation to the work profile

Programmable scraping and cleaning of riveting rings

Programmable carding brush dressing

Electronic service

Saving programs with USB key

UPS uninterruptible power supply

Car/electronic diagnostics

Accident protections with light curtains (*)

Noiseless exhauster with water fire extinguisher and work waste collector (*)

E.M.S. / Easy Moving System

Improving the ecological environment

Dedicated support on all ORMAC products