Toe lasting

Automatic oleodynamic preassembly with independent total tracers .



Data sheet

Fully hydraulic operation

Multilingual colour touch screen with graphics

100 programmes available

Automatic shoe length recognition

Thermoplastic injection system with polyamide and/or polyester wire / made solely by means of two independent programmable tracers from the tip to the hollow joint

Easy-to-memorize bonding paths, perfectly adaptable to any type of point / be it very loose, round, asymmetric or square

Rapid gluing stroke

Precision in adhesive distribution

Airtight adhesive closure system to prevent unwanted spillage from the dispensers when at rest

Teflon lock with differentiated adjustable pressure with 5 or (*) 7 cylinders

Left/right automatic rear shoe lock

PATENTED rear shoe-lock (*)

PATENTED moving head with programmable positions (*)

PATENTED automatic rapier arc adjustment at the tip and sole

9 independent clamps

Tip pliers with ultra-quick changeover system (*)

Adjustable clamp glide in 4 zones

Programmable opening on 7 groups of pliers

Individually openable pliers

Possibility of excluding tip grippers

Automatic and manual gripper pull

Horizontal draught (*)

Lateral pre/tightening clamp

Dual rise column with programmable positions and speeds

PATENTED programmable anti-flexion tip support system

R.C.I. / Intelligent Hollow Junction (*)

Side pressors (*)

Independently programmable mobile grippers (*)

Optical projector

Thermoplastic wire feeder

Goodyear work system

Program saving and transfer unit

Electronic counter and self-diagnosis functions

Toggle controls / ergonomic anti-stress system

Accident protections with light curtains (*)

E.M.S./ Easy Moving System

Dedicated support on all ORMAC products