Toe lasting

Pre-assembly with programmable Multi-Lasting head and independent tracers



Data sheet

automatic hydraulics

independent total markers for intelligent mounting right down to the plant

MULTI-LASTING programmable polygeometric head

Programmable multilingual colour touch screen with graphic display

150 programmes available

foot with programmable inclinations

VPP / Programmable Plate Speed

automatic shoe size recognition

RCI / Smart Hollow Junction (*)

independently programmable mobile grippers (*)

programmable triple rise column with independent positions and speeds

programmable running and speed tracers

programmable opening sequence on 7 groups of grippers

rear shoe-lock with automatic adjustment

upper press/shoe with programmable pressures

press/self-adapting shoe for loose tips (*)

bow pliers with programmable gauge

patented programmable anti-flexion tip support system

9 independent clamps

patented automatic rapier arc adjustment in tip and plan view

ultra-rapid changeover pliers

additional set of ultra-rapid change pliers

automatic and manual pulls

4-zone adjustable clamp glide

single gripper opening automatic upper trimming and centring

horizontal draught (*)

Teflon locking with differentiated adjustable pressures on 5/7 cylinders

lateral pressors (*)

programmable foot descent

thermoplastic wire feeder

optical projector

adjustable side lights (*)

clamp for pre/tightening

silicone spray programmable plates (*)

GWS / Goodyear Welt System

sensors with graphics for detecting hydraulic pressure and hydraulic oil level

sensors with graphics for measuring electrical voltage and pneumatic pressure

thermoplastic fine alarm

coil covers to protect the quality of the adhesives from external agents

electronic counter/shock and self-diagnostic functions

saving and restoring programmes with memory card

AR / Remote Assistance

links with Heel seat & side laster (*)

equipment and catalogue

CSI 4.0 / Transition 4.0 (*)

BCR / Barcode reader (*)

EMS / Easy Moving System

Dedicated support on all ORMAC products