795 FLEX

Heel seat & side lasting

Thermoplastic flush-fit and flush-to-floor connection with automatic nailing of the flange



Data sheet

Thermoplastic wire flush mount / side mount and plant-to-socket connection with automatic nailing of the outlet

Silenced hydraulic nailing

Multilingual colour touch screen

100 programmes available

Automatic shoe length recognition

Programmable tracker stroke

Automatic tracer control (*)

Automatic cycle start

Possibility of working with up to 26 seeds

Inclined hammers for perfect seed pounding

Loader prepared for the use of 2 different seed lengths

Additional loader for the use of 4 different seed lengths (*)

Programmable plate position for open-close and right-left

Plates with programmable temperature

Adjustable nailing position inside/outside

Programming tip support

Programmable height and inclination of side panel position

Flank groups with 7/8 elements (*)

Pair of clamps with independent vertical pulls

Pair of additional clamps with independent vertical pulls (*)

Cycle for boots

Column exit with blocked shoe

Steering column with exclusive springing

Programmable column with adjustable ring nut

Peg for special shapes (*)

Adjustable die pressure

Cushions blocking the upper

Work in 2 phases

Special matrix for square blocks (*)

Fine thermoplastic alarm

CSI 4.0 / Connected System Industry 4.0 (*)

AR / Remote Assistance

Protective light curtains (*)

E.M.S./ Easy Moving System

Dedicated support on all ORMAC products