Heel seat & side lasting

Mounting of seedbeds and sidewalls



Data sheet

Mounting of seedbeds and sidewalls

Hydraulic/pneumatic operation

Programmable multilingual colour touch screen

100 programmes available

Automatic start

Shoe size setting

Programmable height and length of tip support

Programmable plate temperature

Inclined hammers for perfect seed pounding

Bottle loader prepared for the use of 2 lengths of seedlings

Side loader

Additional side loader for the use of 2 seed lengths / or microseeds (*)

Programmable path and sequence of side nailers

Soft positioner

Side panel assembly with helical roller system

Adjustable mounting roller speed

Flank locking presses with adjustable positions

Adjustable die pressure

Programmable plate position in open/close and right/left

Pair of clamps with independent vertical pulls (*)

Exclusive pair of patented motorised clamps with independent / alternating right or left diagonal pulls (*)

Steering column with programmable height position

Steering column with exclusive springing and adjustable ring nut

Column exit with blocked shoe

Cycle for boots

Work in 2 phases

Peg for special shapes (*)

Electronic self-diagnosis

Saving and restoring programs with memory card

AR / Remote Assistance

BCR / Barcode reader (*)

CSI 4.0 / Industry 4.0 Connection System (*)

Accident protection with EC light curtains (*)

EMS / Easy Moving System

Dedicated support on all ORMAC products