750 Flex

Heel seat laster

Heel seat & side laster and plant connection



Data sheet

Multilingual colour touch screen for programming

Silenced hydraulic nailing

Possibility of working with up to 26 seeds

Programmable plate positions for opening-closing and right-left

Nailing with inclined hammers for perfect riveting of the seeds

Loader prepared for the use of 2 different lengths of seeds

Soft positioner

Special springing for delicate uppers

Steering column with adjustable ring nut

Programmable temperature plates

Adjustable nailing position inside/outside

Column exit with blocked shoe

Automatic cycle start

Special matrix for square blocks (*)

Adjustable die pressure

Peg for special shapes (*)

Cycle for boots

Accident prevention equipment

Protective light curtains (*)

Dedicated support on all ORMAC products
Simac 2023

We will attend the international footwear machinery exhibition again this year.

We look forward to seeing you at PAD 14 / STAND F02 F08 E01 E07